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The on-going expansion of the Global Economy demands that those who want to be successful  have a full array of tools and resources to allow them to successfully compete and succeed.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, with branch offices in New York and Miami, we have positioned ourselves to be available to service international clients looking to target or expand their products for the American market. In addition, our worldwide contacts allow us to interact with a wide array of specialists in other markets to provide seasoned business expertise and support around the globe. 

Individuals and organizations interested in doing business on an international basis must recognize that products and services (even those which have already been profitably marketed and sold within their own country or traditional local markets) need to take into consideration a wide variety of elements to support the investment of human and financial capital required to insure success. 

Localization is generally used as an umbrella phrase to describe the process of reaching out to insure that one's products and services are appealing and understandable to potential customers in foreign countries.  In addition to literal translations of your relevant business information (company profile, product data, selling and marketing info, etc.); this also covers the process of analyzing and incorporating cultural and ethnographic factors which may impact the way you will want to approach sales and marketing efforts
Here's where Key Business Resources can help --
   Translating (as well as editing and proofing) 
   Strategic Planning
   Business Development
   Sales and Marketing
   Project Management
   Financial Analysis
   Regulatory Compliance
Representation is another issue that needs to be considered in creating your business plan for a foreign market.  Do you plan to make the investment for a local business presence with your own office and staff; or does working through an importer or distributor make more sense?or both?  Understanding channels of trade and distribution are critical. Finding reliable and dependable support can make all the difference in the world.
Here's where Key Business Resources can help --
   Temporary or Permanent Local Market "Presence"
   Trade Interface
   Analysis of Channels of Distribution
   "Eyes" and "Ears" for Business Problem Solving

Websites are an important tool which can be used in a variety of ways to both introduce, as well as expand, your business in a foreign market.
Here's where Key Business Resources can help --
   Complete Website Design and Hosting to Reach Target Audiences
   Translation of an Existing Site For a Local Market
   Product and/or Services Information
   Customer Service Interface
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